Showcasing the Food and Wine of Florence


Florence, the capital of Tuscany in Italy, is not only home to art and architectural masterpieces of the Renaissance period; it is also a gastronomic delight. With food a passion for people of this region, the variety of food that Florence has to offer is both mouth-watering and satiating.

Famous for its truffles and chocolates, a visit to a delicatessen soon makes one realise the respect the local people of Tuscany have for quality produce. Local markets too comprise of culinary artisans who have, for generations, indulged in perfecting the art of making breads, cheese, sweets, salumi, crostini and a variety of other seasonal varieties.

Famous for its Olive oil which forms the base for all culinary productions, people visiting Florence will never get tired of tasting the varieties of food that are on offer. The fact that Florence is situated on flat ground makes it possible for people to go on walking food tours thus ensuring that tourists are able to savour each bite and swallow.

No Food Tour Florence can ever be complete without a mention of the fabulous wine that is another speciality of this region. In fact one can even opt for a visit to a wine factory to experience the whole wine-making process. Another tradition which is unique to Italy is the Aperitivo which literally means happy hour. The Aperitivo in Florence starts off with a typical Florentine indulgence wherein travellers get to taste a variety of salami and cheese along with sips of regional vino. This important pre-dinner ritual which is religiously followed in every Italian household ends with an absolutely Italian aperitif wherein tourists get to choose from the wide variety of cocktails that an Italian bar has on offer.

Thus any tour to Florence is incomplete without experiencing both its historical and culinary delights. In fact this is perhaps the only place where food and wine form an integral part of social life and forming relationships.

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