Recycling Your Old Car Through the Car Scrapping Process


Recycling your car that is not road worthy is a good option to consider. You can, in fact, get money for selling a car for scrap. Below are the main reasons why you should sell your car for scrap. We have also described the whole vehicle scrapping process.

When you should consider selling your car for scrap

Every year, millions of cars are scrapped in the UK. Scrapping your car that does no good to its owner is a better option than keeping it as it is. You should consider getting your car recycled in the following situation.

It is completely useless

If your car is completely useless and cannot be repaired no matter what, then selling it for scrap is a good option. It could be an old car that has been used a lot, or it could be a new car that was severely damaged in a car accident.

It is expensive to maintain

You should also consider selling your car for scrap if your car has become expensive to maintain. It gets more input and gives very little output. You can instead sell such a car and save money to buy a new car that is in better condition. For additional information on how to deal with scrap vehicle rates, visit this website:

You want to get money

Another reason for selling your car for scrap is that it helps you get money for something completely useless. You can use this money to pay for a new car and get it faster.

The car scrapping process

Keep the following points in mind before recycling your car.

Have the essential documents

The first thing you should prepare is the documents that are required to recycle your car. You should have your car’s logbook with you to show that you are its real owner. You will also have the documents that show your identity and prove your residence these can be a photo ID and utility bill, etc.

Find a reputed scrapping company

Then you will have to look for a scrapping company that is professional and well-reputed. Choose a company that is authorized and offer the right amount for your scrap car. Visit different authorized treatment facilities before choosing one. You can start your search on the internet. Visit websites, customer reviews, and the reputation of the company. Many companies have their own online tools that you can use to get an estimated quote for your car.

Send the car for recycling

After selecting a company, you will have to choose one day and time and tell the company to get your car picked on that day. They will send their own vehicle and workers to pick up your car.

Get the certificate of destruction

Once the ATF has recycled your car, they will send you a certificate of destruction. This certificate will show that your car has been recycled and you are no longer responsible for it. Keep

Let the DVLA know of your car’s current ownership status

Send the certificate of destruction to the DVLA to tell them that your car has been recycled and you are not its owner anymore. Forgetting to inform the DVLA can get you heavily fined.

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