Features that You Must Keep in Mind When Choosing to Work with a Customs Brokerage Firm


Hiring a reliable customs brokerage firm is just as important as importing legal goods when importing in the US. Reliable forbye, the customs brokerage firm should also have a practicing license. So, whether you’re a first time importer, an experienced importer, or a non resident importer, you will always be better off in the hands of expert customs brokerage firms like Clearit USA. To learn more about how an importer and a customs broker are similar, visit this website: https://newsupdatesnow.com/

Considering many such necessary aspects, we have made a list of some of the few factors that make customs brokerage firms like Clearit worth your trust, time, and money. Have a good look at the guide below before choosing the services that you’ll want to buy in order to expand your business.

  1. They Offer Instant Account Activation

Signing up with Clearitusa.com means that your account will be activated within a few minutes.

Account activation will be followed by the assignment of an experienced live agent who will review all the uploaded documents and confirm whether they are fit for submission at the customs. They will also:

  • Tell you if there’s any more document(s) that you have to upload.
  • Inform you about the information that’ll have to come from the end of your freight forwarder.
  1. They are Functional at All Ports in the US

The brokers at this firm can get your cargos cleared whether they’re arriving by air, ocean, or truck. The necessary documents needed for each mode of transportation are listed below.

For Air Shipments

You have to provide the commercial invoice for shipments arriving by air. And your freight forwarder is responsible for providing the airway bill number (AWB).

For Ocean Shipments

You have to provide the bill of purchase (commercial invoice) at your end. Your freight forwarder is responsible for providing information about the:

  • Arrival Notice
  • County of Origin
  • Manifest
  • Confirmation of ISF Filing

For the record, you can also choose Clearit for filing for ISF on your behalf at just 35 dollars.

For Truck Shipments

You’re again responsible for the commercial invoice. And the other information like product description, unit price, country of origin, and HTS code will directly come from your freight forwarder.

  1. They Offer Transparency in Everything They Do

Whether it’s the online bill payment to clear the customs duty and other import costs or a menu about the prices that they charge for individual services that they provide, brokers at Clearit are thoroughly transparent.

In fact, it is one of the very few brokerage firms that clearly displays their pricing menu online on their website Clearitusa.com.

All in all, proceed with a customs brokerage firm only if it offers all the benefits listed above. As long as you follow the rules, you’ll most likely never face any issue when importing goods in the US.

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